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Second International 4-D Conference  «Teams and Leaders» «ERFOLG»

Second International 4-D Conference «Teams and Leaders» «ERFOLG»

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May,14 2018 ONLINE FREE

Dear Friends,

For the second year in a row, we are glad to offer you a unique opportunity to get in contact with an invaluable experience of 4-D experts practicing building teams all over the world.

We are glad and happy that since 2011 our ERFOLG Academy of Management team enjoys the honor of working together with the 4-D System creator and the author of «How NASA builds teams» Charles J. Pellerin.

We have an exclusive right to translate Charlie's book into Russian and organize 4-D Seminars dedicated to building teams in Russia.

We are glad to announce that this year Charles J. Pellerin also takes part in our Second International Conference «Teams and Leaders». Besides, there will be a number of speakers who successfully implement 4-D practice in Canada, USA, France, Belgium, China and Russia.

Charles J. Pellerin (USA) 10:15 – 11:50 (Moscow time)

A legendary NASA astrophysicist, who launched Hubble telescope into space. The author and developer of the 4-D System. 4-D Systems President.

«The History of 4-D Development»

Cindy Yang (China) 11:50 – 13:05 (Moscow time)

ICF certified PCC, 4-D Leading Master Trainer in China.

«A Journey Towards a Better Self & Team».

Galina Nagovitsyna (Russia) 13:05 – 14:15 (Moscow time)

Co-founder and Managing Partner of ERFOLG Academy of Management. 4-D Expert in Russia, Founder, Mastermind and Director of the Russian first ever International 4-D Center Magnetonia, ICF certified PCC coach

«Four Dimensions of Leadership. Development that seemed to be impossible»

Larisa Schelkin (USA) 14:55 – 16:10 (Moscow time)

General Director of the global educational center for scientific, engineering, mathematical education (STEM) for schoolchildren. The author of a global model of teaching in international cooperation with teachers and schoolchildren.

«The 4D Systems in K-12 Education – sustaining our world and getting students ready for the 21st century»

Anne Choquette (Canada) 16:10 – 17:25 (Moscow time)

Professional certified coach since 2004 and certified supervisor (Mozaik International, 2017), and member of ICF since 2004 as well of ACEC since 2012. As a practitioner, I am willing to share my experience, answer all questions regarding 4-D (learning the material, mastering the 8 behaviors, integrating 4-D in my daily coaching practice.

Oleg Ermishkin (Russia) 17:25 – 18:35 (Moscow time)

General Director of Sibiryak Group of Companies Professional Erickson coach 4-D in Negotiations

By participating in the Second International Conference «Teams and Leaders» you will:

  • have an opportunity to adopt experience of leading world experts in implementing the innovative 4-D System;
  • gain the information how to manage team social context;
  • find out how to attain a fundamentally new standard of living and team interaction in business, as well as in personal and family life;
  • become a part of a unique online site designed to exchange state-of-the-art information from 4-D experts worldwide.
You have a unique chance to put questions to the speakers of the conference.
At the end of the conference all those who have sent in their questions will be eligible to Charlie Pellerin's book «How NASA Builds Teams» prize drawing.

Please send in your questions with the help of the online form for participants or by e-mail: mov@54erfolg.ru

The Conference takes place on May, 14 2018 starting from 10 am Moscow time (GMT +3:00)


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